Foot Tracing “Pedicures”

Veronika is far too young to get her first pedicure at a salon, of course, but this little tracing game also involves a bit of make-believe for adorable “mommy & me” pedicures at home!

To start, I stood on a piece of paper and showed Veronika how I could trace around my foot with a pen. She wanted to help out with the tracing, meaning the print wasn’t exact, but that didn’t matter.

Next it was her turn! She stood so still on a sheet of white paper as I traced around her feet, and giggled when we got to her ticklish toes. “We made paw prints!” she said with delight.

You can take a moment to talk about relative sizes (big versus small), and then it’s time to decorate!

Toddlers can fill in the tracings with crayons and markers, but for something extra fun, I trotted out a vial of real nail polish. I showed her how to dab this into each toe like she was painting a little nail on each.

The soles of our feet were painted, too!

I hope your little one enjoys this day at the “spa” as much as Veronika did!


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