Little Fingers Finger Plays

I love when we can add new finger plays to our repertoire, because let’s face it: Where is Thumbkin? can grow old after a while! These two new ones are fun any time, but especially on long car rides or waiting rooms since all you need are… your fingers! Depending which rhyme you choose, your fingers become four kitty cats or ten gentlemen.

For Little Pussycats, Veronika loves to have her stuffed cat act out out the game alongside my fingers! Simply say the following:

One, two, three, four, (hold up four fingers)

These little pussycats came to my door.

They just stood there and said “good day” (bow your fingers)

and then they tiptoed right away!

End that last line with a tickle over your toddler’s shoulder as the cats run away!

Now you’ll need to recruit all ten fingers and turn them into Ten Little Gentlemen:

Ten little gentlemen, standing in a row. (Hold ten fingers up).

Bow, little gentlemen, bow down low. (Bend your fingers in a bow).

Walk, little gentlemen, right across the floor, (Walk your fingers around).

And don’t forget, gentlemen, to please close the door. (Give a clap!).

Veronika especially gets the giggles for this last clap every time, asking me to open and close the “door” over and over.


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