Frog Pond Game

We set out to make this game after spotting it on Kiwi Co’s website… Only after saving up enough lids to make the playing pieces, I could no longer find the post. That meant we improvised, but still created a fun game!

To start, use bottle lids (from cider or lemonade jugs), and trace onto green craft foam. For each “frog”, I hot glued two lids together, and glued a circle of craft foam to the outsides. We made enough to have two playing pieces each.

For the game board, we headed outside on a gorgeous spring day to draw the pond with chalk. I added green lily pad targets, and Travis liked adding black fish to the water, too. Oh no, potential hazards!

Finally, we labeled the pads with points; smaller, further away ones were worth 10 points and nearer, bigger ones worth only 5. Take turns rolling or flinging your frogs at the lily pads and see who accumulates the most points!

This was a cute game to play in spring sunshine, and now we have plans to take a walk to our local pond and listen for real frogs!


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