Shaving Cream, Inside and Outside

Shaving Cream Squish (9)

Veronika’s fun with sensory materials continues, first inside a bag, and then out! Today, it was shaving cream’s turn as the starring material. To start, squirt a little shaving cream into sandwich-sized zip-top bags, then add a bit of food coloring to each.

Shaving Cream Squish (3)

I used just green for one bag, but combined yellow and red in a second for some coloring mix. Seal tightly and add duct tape across the top for security.Veronika loved helping disperse the colors in the bags by squishing them. These were as soft as pillows to hold!

Shaving Cream Squish (4)

But now it was time to get messy. I placed a few toys in the bottom of a craft bin. Choose items that will be easy to wash off, like plastic dinosaurs or animals, or toy cars. Now fill the container with shaving cream! I used about 1 and 1/2 bottles of shaving cream to completely bury the items.

Shaving Cream Squish (5)

Veronika’s job was to dig! Your kids might want to immediately get up to their elbows in the stuff.Ā  Veronika preferred to start with a wooden spoon, daintily stirring to uncover items.

Shaving Cream Squish (7)

When she found the first car, she wanted to rinse it, so I gave her a separate small bucket of water.

Shaving Cream Squish (8)

Now she wasn’t afraid to get soapy! She would dip her hands in the shaving cream, transfer a toy or her hands to the water, rinse, and repeat. “Now giraffe will be all clean,” she said proudly. Sometimes she wanted to dunk a toy right back in the shaving cream after rinsing it off!

Shaving Cream Squish (10)

The messier the better with this one, because all said and done, your child is really playing with… soap!


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