Robot Racers

robot (5).JPG

Our cute suggestion of the month from High Five magazine was a cozy indoor craft for a winter day. You’ll need two empty tissue boxes for the robot bodies… so save your empties from any winter sniffles! Ahead of time, I cut the tops off the boxes, then gave to Travis to decorate.

He loved the first step, which was to cover the boxes with either aluminum foil or duct tape. Because the mechanics of wrapping boxes is difficult for a two-and-a-half year old, he played with the materials while I did the actual wrapping up.


Next it was time to add eyes and stickers! Travis decorated one very randomly, and I made our other robot have a bit of robotic order with patterned stickers.


As a final touch, we added chenille stems (those frilly pipe cleaners) as arms or antennae.


Make a ramp out of anything you have that will serve – pillows, cardboard pieces, or an old baking sheet all make good options. Place a tennis ball underneath each robot, and let them race to the bottom! We had fun varying the height of our ramp to see how it affected the way the robots raced.


Thanks for the cute idea, High Five!