Chocolate Leaves


What else do you find on a safari besides beautiful animals? Plants and leaves of course! Ok, so we didn’t really forage for leaves, but I loved the idea and replicated it at home as best I could. The project might feel more like a “safari” if you have your own garden from which to select beautiful leaves! Whether store-bought or from your home, be sure to choose leaves that are edible or non-toxic and not sprayed with any pesticides.

We made do with bay leaves from the store, so no real “foraging”, but Travis loved helping rinse the leaves off in the sink before we began, and patting them dry.


Arrange your leaves on a baking sheet lined with wax paper.


Meanwhile, melt your favorite chocolate in a double-boiler just until melted and smooth. We love the dark chocolate from Endangered Species Chocolate Company! Before you let your child work with the melted chocolate, make sure it isn’t too hot to the touch.


We used plastic knives to spoon our chocolate over the leaves. You are going to get messy, but that’s half the fun!


Once he discovered how good his chocolatey fingers tasted, it was time to use a spoon.


We put the baking sheet in the fridge for the chocolate to set – it took a few hours, which turned out to be perfect timing for dessert.

Carefully peel the leaf off of each portion of chocolate – Travis was a super helper with this part, too!

Chocolate Leaves (9).JPG

And then it’s time to eat the bountiful crop from your “safari” journey.