G Week!

G week (12).JPG

I had a bunch of activities planned for G in our Letter of the Week exploration, and anticipated good fun… Little did I know there would be some great favorites that I didn’t even expect. So without any further ado…


Garden/Greenhouse: As luck would have it, a local greenhouse was having a midwinter festival, so we kicked off the week with a garden tour! We strolled among the lush flowers in the greenhouse gardens – and got to hear a steel drum performance too.


For a cute gardening story, we followed up at home by reading the Curious Garden by Peter Brown. See below for our indoor gardening project, which was our fine art activity of the week.


Guitar: Travis loves guitars, so I had to make sure the instrument was extra special this week. It felt meant to be that the aforementioned garden festival also featured… a guitar show for children! Travis was thrilled to watch the musicians strum the strings. Check your local listings for guitar shows; or, if you can’t find a local performance, share clips of guitar music online.


Giraffe: For no discernible reason, we own three puzzles that feature giraffes. Needless to say, I pulled them all out this week, and we read Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreaea to further explore the quirky anatomy of these tall giants.


Golf: This word was the prompt for our fantastic “field trip” of the week, to a local museum that has – go figure! – six holes of mini golf on the top floor. Travis took right to the game; I would hit the balls near-ish to the hole, and then he loved sinking them. For an easier take on the activity, you can set up shoebox golf at home.


Garbage: Travis has a toy garbage truck which he’s never paid much attention to… until I showed him a few YouTube clips of garbage trucks in action this week, and boy oh boy was he hooked. Garbage collectors are an oft-neglected category of “community helper,” so it was great to teach Travis about their work, and discuss the value of recycling. Then it was time to set up our town playmat; he drove his toy garbage truck around to collect the bits of “trash” we put down on the mat.


Goat: You could simply play with your farm toys that feature goat figures, but since we just did that with horses for H week, I also read recommend reading Billy Goats Gruff. After a cozy read, we acted out the tale with toy goats. Travis loved making them “trip trop trip trop” over a bridge.

And our weekly extras…

Fine art: We planted a grass-haired man (with a green face of course), for a delightful stint at indoor gardening. We have yet to see the grass sprout, but check back for updates on the separate blog I posted.


Food: Grapefruit got a firm nope as too sour, but Travis enjoyed green grapes, granola bars, and green beans… and then we whipped up homemade graham crackers!


Songs: Share a clip of The Green Grass Grew with your child.

Books: We enjoyed almost too many wonderful titles to list this week! Check out: Giant Vehicles by Rod Green, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, Goodnight, Godnight Construction Site, by Sherri Duskey Rinker, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, When a Grandpa Says I Love You by Douglas Wood, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff, and Duck and Goose by Tad Hills.

Math: Make a “greater than gator”! Technically, we used our A is for Alligator from another project, but I realized that it was easy to call him a “gator” instead and his open jaws looked just like a greater sign! I taught Travis that the gator could only eat green grapes from the plate that had a greater quantity, making for a a nice lesson on how 3 is greater than 2 and so on.


Hairy Head


Here’s an adorable gardening project that can be done indoors in the winter. We only just planted our grass-haired man today, so I’ll update this post when and if the “hair” appears.

First, draw a face on a Styrofoam cup using markers. Travis made great eyes, as well as lots of squiggles, and I drew a complete face on one side as well.


Travis’s favorite part of the activity by far was shoveling in the dirt. He happily would have kept doing so all day except our cups were filled.


Sprinkle grass seed near the top (we used catgrass, which means hopefully our cat can enjoy the final product as well), and cover with a little more soil.


We watered the soil and then set the cups aside – hoping to see grass sprout in a few days!

G week (11).JPG

Update: Not only did our man sprout a hairy head of grass, the grass grew so fast we could hardly believe our eyes. Here are the sprouts after a couple of days:

Hairy Head.JPG

And here is our man sporting a full head of hair!


Travis loved running his hands through the grass blades.