Hairy Head


Here’s an adorable gardening project that can be done indoors in the winter. We only just planted our grass-haired man today, so I’ll update this post when and if the “hair” appears.

First, draw a face on a Styrofoam cup using markers. Travis made great eyes, as well as lots of squiggles, and I drew a complete face on one side as well.


Travis’s favorite part of the activity by far was shoveling in the dirt. He happily would have kept doing so all day except our cups were filled.


Sprinkle grass seed near the top (we used catgrass, which means hopefully our cat can enjoy the final product as well), and cover with a little more soil.


We watered the soil and then set the cups aside – hoping to see grass sprout in a few days!

G week (11).JPG

Update: Not only did our man sprout a hairy head of grass, the grass grew so fast we could hardly believe our eyes. Here are the sprouts after a couple of days:

Hairy Head.JPG

And here is our man sporting a full head of hair!


Travis loved running his hands through the grass blades.



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