Safari Tracks


We tacked on one final craft after having fun with our recent Safari crate from Koala Crate – animal stamp foot prints!

To make the stamps, you’ll need sticky foam sheets from a craft store. Draw footprints on the sheets to look like various animals – pads with toes for lion’s paws, a hoof for a zebra, a webbed foot for a crocodile, and so on.


Travis loved playing with the sticky foam while I drew the shapes, but wasn’t interested in drawing animal prints of his own.

Help your child cut out the shapes, and attach each print to cardboard squares. Voila! You have a stamp!


Paint over the stamps with a foam brush, and press onto paper for animal tracks.


Travis got very impish splattering the green paint to begin with, but soon loved the way the brush felt over the bumpy raised footprints.


Don’t forget the binoculars to explore which animals have made tracks in your home.