Engage your child’s imagination and help him or her learn about what firefighters do with this adorable game.

To set up, paint “flames” in red, orange, or yellow chalk on a chalkboard easel. Note: If you’re playing the game in the summer, you can go bigger, and apply chalk to sidewalks or driveways!


I told Travis we had a fire to put out and needed to race to the scene like firemen, then provided him with a squirt bottle (hose), bucket, and sponge.


He couldn’t wait to help “put out the fire,” and I think it helped him understand what firetrucks and firefighters do for the first time; it’s a rather abstract concept just to see a firetruck racing quickly around town.


He asked me to add more chalk flames again and again, and then started drawing on flames himself toward the end.


In total, he played for nearly 45 minutes before growing bored – a big hit!