Safari Crate


We had a nice leap in development when our Koala Crate arrived this month – Travis instantly recognized the company’s box and needed to know what projects were inside, before I’d even had a chance to peek at this month’s contents! Needless to say, we jumped right to it.

The crate did not disappoint. The safari theme included really only one craft, and two projects that were more games, and Travis loved it all.

First, we had to assemble our safari puppets (which you could DIY with felt and stickers from a craft store).


Although I mostly set up the animals as they should look, Travis loved attaching the googly eyes and bellies, and we talked about how each animal’s belly felt different (the bumpy crocodile, furry lion, etc.).


His favorite was the zebra!


I had to put together the cute little cardboard binoculars that were provided, although preschoolers should be able to master the folding/inserting on their own.


Once assembled, it was time for our safari! Travis couldn’t wait to get started.


I hid the 4 puppets around the living room, and Travis went off on his journey with his binocs. We needed to play four times in a row before he’d had enough, and he loved keeping tally on the checklist provided in our crate.


The final game involved cards featuring the heads, torsos, and legs of the four animals, so kids can mix and match to make silly creatures. Travis actually preferred making the animals look the way they are supposed to…


… but he giggled hysterically when I made silly creations and gave them equally silly names (Elezebracrocs).

Use the safari theme as a chance to introduce a few new vocab words, such as the groupings of various animals. Beyond a pride of lions did you know that it’s called a:

Dazzle of Zebras

Bask of Crocodiles

Herd of Elephants

Tower of Giraffes

Crash of Rhinos

Bloat of Hippos

(and my personal favorite) a Parliament of Owls

We finished our safari fun with books on the theme, including Travis peering at the book pages through his nifty new binoculars. Thanks Koala Crate!