Butterfly Balancing Act

Butterfly Balance (6)

This balancing experiment is a nice way to talk about things like symmetry and centers of gravity, no matter how young your child is! They’ll love the beautiful butterfly you make, and absorb just a little science in the process.

First, I folded a piece of white paper in half and traced butterfly wings. Cut out the wings and unfold – you now have a perfectly symmetrical butterfly!

Butterfly Balance (1)

Now place that paper over something sturdier (we recycled a cereal box) and cut out – this part was definitely a grown-up step.

Travis loved decorating his butterfly with dot paints.

Butterfly Balance (3)

Once dry, it was time to see how it flew!

Using a little bit of playdough to anchor it, I inserted a straw. This will be the stand for the butterfly.


Butterfly Balance (5)

Tape a penny to each corner of the butterflies wings for weight.

Butterfly Balance (4)

Now balance it on the straw! You may need to shift a little until you find the center of balance, but once you do, your little butterfly friend will be aloft.

Butterfly Balance (7)

I confess, I think I was more impressed with the final results than Travis was!

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