Rainy Day Window Painting

Rainy Window (5)

If you’re having a gray and rainy Labor Day weekend like we are, turn any frowns upside down with the slightly-taboo feel of this project… indoor painting on the windows!

Grown-ups, don’t cringe; I promise the paint is going to wash off your windows really easily. The secret? Dish soap!

In the cubes of an ice cube tray, mix equal parts dish detergent and washable paint for each color. Provide your child with q-tips as the paint brushes.

Rainy Window (4)

Travis couldn’t believe I was letting him use the window as his canvas. He jumped right in drawing “clouds” and squiggles.

Rainy Window (1)

His expression here pretty much says it all!

Rainy Window (3)

The beautiful, slightly shiny colors were the perfect antidote to the gray day outside our windows.

Rainy Window (2)

Travis may or may not have discovered it was equally as fun to rub a paint-smeared q-tip over his bare legs. I may or may not have been feeling so lenient of this cozy Snday afternoon that I let him paint away and followed up with a bath…

Rainy Window (6)

Ready for the best #momhack of all about this game? Clean-up is half the fun! After Travis was paint-free, I set him loose with a spritz bottle on the window.

Rainy Window (7)

The glass was sparkly and shiny and paint-free in no time.

Rainy Window (8)

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