Q-Tip Painting Indian Corn

Qtip Corn (10)

It’s official, the fall equinox is tomorrow, meaning it’s the start of my favorite season, and that we need some autumnal decorations around our home! What better way to celebrate the harvest and this fall crop than with a cute little craft involving real hay?

I cut half ovals from yellow construction paper to be ears of corn, and shapes from brown construction paper to be the husks.

Qtip Corn (2)

Travis hasn’t been so into painting projects lately, so to keep this one novel, we use q-tips as our paintbrushes! Little dots of red, yellow, and orange gave our corn the speckled appearance of Indian corn.

Qtip Corn (4)

Glue your husks to your corn shapes, and let dry.

Qtip Corn (6)

The biggest hit by far was when I told Travis we’d add real hay to our corn husks. Look for it at any craft store or farmers’ market this time of year.

qtip corn (8)

Definitely the perfect finishing touch.

Qtip Corn (9)

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