Pumpkin Leapfrog

Pumpkin Leap (2)

Wondering what to do with all those pumpkins from the pumpkin patch? Get in a little exercise before you carve them!

Pumpkin patches are such a fantastic outing this time of year; ideally head to one where your child can truly see where pumpkins come from (attached to the vne), instead of a big lot where pumpkins have been placed in a row.

Fall Bucket (4)

Travis was so proud picking out our pumpkins, especially since he could lift them all by himself. At home, I asked if he wanted to play pumpkin leapfrog, which earned an eager and curious “Yes!”

Pumpkin Leap (1)

Set your pumpkins up in a line (use as many as you’d like – we had 4, but you could go up to 8 or even higher, if you want to make the course harder), and cut a line of string to mark the start and finish of your course.

Pumpkin Leap (3)

Take turns leaping over the pumpkins, and see how long it takes! You can make this competitive for older kids by using a timer, or just be silly with it for younger ones.

Pumpkin Leap (4)

Next we ran a slalom “S” course around the pumpkins, great for practicing fancy footwork.

Pumpkin Leap (5)

From there, go on and make up your own silly versions. Travis loved straddling each pumpkin, running circles around them, and more.

Pumpkin Leap (6)

The perfect activity to tide us over until its time to carve, and yet another fantastic suggestion from our Barefoot Books Kids Garden set.


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