Days of the Week Chart

Days of Week (4)

Travis is in nursery school three days a week now (!), a transition that has gone remarkably well, but which sometimes leaves him confused as to whether it’s a school day or a weekend – a term used loosely since his “weekend” is now four days long.

This easy chart helps him visualize the week, and is great both for pre-readers and for kids who can read the days of the week.

To make the chart, cut a piece of poster board into a strip, and divide into 7 spaces (decorative washi tape makes a nice border between days). Write the names of the days across the top.

Days of Week (2)

We filled in each space with a visual of the main activity for each day.

Days of Week (3)

You can draw simple pictures on index cards, and write the words of the activity as well. In addition, we added photos for some of the activities that repeat weekly, like school:

Days of Week (1)

You can print out photos, or use a handy instant camera for the pics.

Days of Week (8)

As the final touch, we added a large paperclip along the top, which Travis can slide along as the week progresses. He loves matching up which day it is with which activity we’re headed off to enjoy!

Days of Week (7)

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