Erupting Apples

Exploding Apples (3)

We pretty much never tire of making baking soda explode with vinegar around here. To add an autumnal spin to the project, this time we erupted “apples” instead of volcanoes!

To make your apple mixture, combine 1 cup baking soda, 1 tablespoon dish detergent and 1 tablespoon water. We had everything ready to go in a bin for outside, since we knew this was going to be a messy one…

Exploding Apples (1)

Time to get your hands dirty! Get in there and mush your baking soda mixture around, until you can form it into balls as the apples. We squirted in a little red food coloring, but oddly this made our apples purple, not red! Ah well, a little leaf as the finishing touch made them super cute.

Exploding Apples (2)

I gave Travis an old ketchup bottle filled with white vinegar, and he went to town squirting onto the apples, delighted by the foamy erupting result.

Exploding Apples (4)

He couldn’t stop there of course; half the fun is stirring around the foamy mixture afterwards. Look, a leftover apple!

Exploding Apples (6)

Travis also decided he wanted to cover one of our gourds with the foam – why not, since this added to the fall feel of the project.

Exploding Apples (7)

As always, this activity is the perfect way to blow off energy when your kids just want to get messy!

Exploding Apples (5)

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