Pillowcase Wish Flags

Pillowcase Flags (7)

This project is yet another that I’ve tabled for over a year, since I needed a hot glue gun. Armed with my latest favorite crafting tool, it was a beautiful project after school one day this week.

Wish flags (also called Prayer Flags) are rectangular strips of cloth traditionally found outside in the Himalayas, used to bless the countryside or impart another wish. I told Travis a bit about the history and context of the project as I cut an old pillowcase into 4 rectangles.

Pillowcase Flags (1)

Cut a long piece of twine, and arrange your rectangles in a row with the twine extending across all 4; make sure to leave enough twine at the end to hang your flags up later. Fold each rectangle in half over the twine, using hot glue to seal it down.

Pillowcase Flags (2)

If it’s not glitter paint these days, then Travis isn’t interested, so glitter paint it was to decorate our wish flags!

Pillowcase Flags (3)

The idea was to mimic the woodblock-printed text and images that can be found on Tibetan prayer flags. Travis mostly just had fun painting, but I asked him if any of his art work represented a wish or hope he had for anyone. Older children may really want to put some thought into this part!

Pillowcase Flags (5)

Mama added a wish flag for love and peace on earth for all humans and animals.

Pillowcase Flags (4)

Once the paint dried, we hung our project outside in the sunshine – what a beautiful addition to any landscape!



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