Blow Your Nose!

Nose Blow (2)

As much as we all hate to think of it, cold and flu season will be upon us all too soon. Before those first stuffed-up sniffles hit your little one, arm them with the knowledge of how to blow their nose. It seems obvious to adults, but how do you explain this motion to a little tyke? With a game, of course!

To start, set out a variety of light objects such as pom poms or wadded up pieces of tissue paper. We’ve played games where we tried to move such objects about by blowing through a straw. This time I challenged Travis to huff through his nose.

It took him a few tries, but soon he got the hang of it!

Nose Blow (1)

If you want to make things more interesting or challenging, try moving the items to a goal line, using nothing but your nose blows. Older kids might enjoy turning this into a race!

Nose Blow (4)

Just be forewarned that your play surface might get a bit… snotty. Have wipes on hand to clean up any mess when you’re done.

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