Confetti Pumpkin

Confetti Pumpkin (7)

If you want to decorate a pumpkin with the kiddos this Halloween but aren’t up for carving, consider adorning just the outside of your pumpkin. The effect of this design is particularly dazzling!

You can use this method on tiny pumpkins or on big ones, although I have to say my patience wore out covering an entire large pumpkin with confetti, so choose your size accordingly.

Confetti Pumpkin (2)

To start, we painted our pumpkins white. This step isn’t strictly necessary, but the white was such a lovely background for the sparkly confetti we had, and I was afraid a bold orange would compete too heavily. Besides which, Travis enjoyed the painting!

Confetti Pumpkin (1)

Once the white paint dries, dip a paintbrush in glue and make dots all over your pumpkin. Cover each dot with confetti.

Confetti Pumpkin (5)

Travis preferred to make big globs of glue and then sprinkle on handfuls of confetti, which worked just as well. As always, I like seeing his creative response to projects these days, as opposed to having him just follow along.

Confetti Pumpkin (4)

For additional security, dab over the confetti with a second layer of glue, then set aside to dry before adding to your Halloween decor.

Confetti Pumpkin (6)

Another boo-tiful project!

Confetti Pumpkin (8)

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