Snowman Wax Resist Painting

Snowman Wax (7)

It’s always fun to find new uses for that pesky white crayon in the crayon box… Sure you can draw on black paper, but this fun seasonal project has a magical feel for kids since it features a big “reveal” at the end.

First, you need to draw with white crayon on white paper, which hopefully won’t frustrate your kids. I told Travis to imagine he was drawing anything snowy – the snow fort we’ve made outside our patio, snowflakes in the air, etc.

Snowman Wax (1)

Because I wasn’t sure how much his white scribbles would turn up in the “reveal,” I made him a separate drawing with a white snowman and big puffy white snowflakes.

Snowman Wax (2)

Now the fun part: could we magically make our white pictures appear?

To prepare the paint, thin blue tempera paint with water; you want the consistency to be closer to watercolor. I actually would make ours even thinner next time, since it was a bit dark over our final result.

Snowman Wax (3)

Travis was very excited to see where the white crayon was on the paper!

Snowman Wax (4)

Then he grew impish and slathered on the paint quite thickly. A little thinning out on my part helped reveal the snowman’s three round layers a bit better.

Snowman Wax (5)

Overall, cute and nicely seasonal. Please share in the comments if you have other fun white crayon projects at your house!

Looking for more wintery indoor fun? Check out our recent shredded paper snowmen and pinecone snow owl projects!

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