Rock Snowman

Rock Snowman (6)

A recent burst of warm(ish) weather got us outside over the weekend, and my little collector is always eager to bring home treasures from our walks. In fact, I always carry a zip-top plastic bag with me when we outside just for this purpose!

Rock Snowman (3)

Today we returned him with a variety of rocks and sticks, so thought we could build little winter snowmen.

Rock Snowman (1)

First the rocks needed a good coat of white paint, and we left them to dry overnight.

Rock Snowman (2)

When we settled in to build our snowmen, it turned out we really only had one rock large enough to be the base, which meant only one snowperson could be built. The rest of the rocks ended up as little “snowballs.”

Rock Snowman (5)

I put together the snowman for Travis with hot glue – three rocks glued together, two little sticks for the arms, and buttons and googly eyes hot glued on.

The finishing touch was a little top hat I simply made from construction paper.

Rock Snowman (7)

Don’t have rocks on hand to make a snowman? Check out our shredded paper or glowing bottle versions instead!

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