Cotton Swab Snowflake Craft

Cotton Snowflake (9)

I’ve never been a fan of cut-paper snowflakes as a craft. Quite frankly, I’m no good at it, and mine end up looking like circles with a few holes in them, instead of lacy flakes! But with pretty sparkling snowflakes outside our window, we wanted some indoor craft to bring the snow inside, and this cotton swab version was much easier to pull off.

To be honest, Travis was a little young for it. Older kids may be much more into shaping and designing their six-pointed flakes, and can really get creative with the process. As to Travis, he still had lots of fun, just in his own preschool way…

…starting with ferrying the cotton swabs over to me by “forklift.” Shipment received.

Cotton Snowflake (1)

He thought it was fascinating to watch me clip the cotton swabs in half (which, fyi, is not easy to do, the stems are tough; adults may want to help even older children with this step).

Cotton Snowflake (2)

Next I showed him how to arrange the cotton swabs into six-pointed shapes like snowflakes.

Cotton Snowflake (3)

We adhered ours to circles cut from blue constructions paper, but if you prefer, glue them together over wax paper and lift them off the wax paper once the glue has dried.

Cotton Snowflake (5)

Travis set about adding lots of glue and cotton swabs to his “snowflakes.” I loved watching his creative process, including smearing on the glue with a cotton swab at one point.

Cotton Snowflake (8)

As mentioned, older kids may want to create increasingly complex designs, and can cut the swabs into even tinier components.

Cotton Snowflake (7)

After the glue dried, we hung the snowflakes in the window.

Cotton Snowflake (10)

What beautiful flakes falling down!

Cotton Snowflake (11)



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