President’s Day Fun

President Cookies (4)

Happy President’s Day to all! We marked the occasion with some edible fun and a little magic trick thrown in for good measure.

First up, the trick. Grown-ups (or big kids), fold a bill of any denomination down the center of the president’s face. Now make two additional folds over the center of each eye (the folds will be close together, which is why grown-up hands worked better here).

Moody Money (1)

You should now have three accordion pleats. If you tilt the bill upwards, the president will appear to smile.

Moody Money (2)

Tilt it down, and he frowns!

Moody Money (3)

We tried this with Abe Lincoln and then Andrew Jackson on the $20.

Moody Money (6)

Who had a very pronounced frown:

Moody Money (5)

I would have used George Washington as well, except had no singles in my wallet. It was a great way to introduce the names of these men to Travis.

Moody Money (4)

We continued the fun with an edible presidential treat.

First, microwave a handful of chocolate chips in a glass bowl at 20 second intervals, until melted – it will take about 1 minute. Using a toothpick, paint smiles and eyes onto round cookies. Vegan vanilla wafers would work, but we like the lemon cookies from Back to Nature.

President Cookies (1)

For Abe, adhere mini chocolate chips using frosting as the “glue” to be his beard. Cut two pieces of dark chocolate to be his hat, and attach together with additional frosting.

President Cookies (2)

For George, cut mini Dandies marshmallows in half, and adhere around the top of his head with frosting, to be his wig. Add a collar at the neck, with a mini chocolate chip for a button.

President Cookies (3)

Our presidents were gobbled up in no time!


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