Green Time: Counting Walk

Counting Walk (5).JPG

Well, here we are in April but we’re just now getting the chance – a sunny, warm day! – to go on our Green Time adventure from March’s issue of Ranger Rick Jr. – a counting walk!

The magazine included a list of suggested things to count as you take a walk outside, including mailboxes, fire hydrants, and squirrels. We wanted a nice warm day so we’d be more likely to see a couple items on the list like dogs (out for a walk) and bicycle riders.

As we kept a tally of each item, I helped Travis decide what number was one higher than the number we’d said before.

By far we found the most mailboxes – 10!

Counting Walk (1)

Meanwhile Travis loved spotting hydrants – 2!

Counting Walk (3)

We nearly thought we’d end the walk with zero bicycles until a man went cycling past us. Travis was very proud to make the tally.

Counting Walk (4)

And because he loves them, Travis decided we needed to count pickup trucks in driveways as well – for a grand total of 7.

Overall, this was a great exercise – not just for the legs but for the mind as well!

Counting Walk (2)


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