Green Time: Go to the Park

Go to Park (3)

Sometimes the simplest moments with our kids can be the most beautiful, and this “Green Time” suggestion from our May issue of Ranger Rick Jr. was a reminder in just that!

The task? Simply to go to the park. This might sound like something you do with your kids anyway, but this time we made things different.

I deliberately chose a park without any facilities – no playground, no swings, nothing built up. Instead, we showed up with a blanket to sit on and only a few other goodies.

Go to Park (6)

Based on Ranger Rick’s suggestions, we brought along Travis’s tricycle to ride through the grass:

Go to Park (1)

A kite for flying:

Go to Park (2)

And a mitt and soft balls to practice playing catch.

Go to Park (7)

Nothing makes the afternoon better than an iced tea snack with mama. And reading a few Ranger Rick Jr. stories of course.

Go to Park (4)

We easily spent an hour in this park, just the two of us (and a new ladybug friend!).

Go to Park (8)

What’s your favorite (non-playground) park activity with your kids? Please share in the comments!

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