Wooden Spoon Garden Stakes

Garden Stakes (4)

Several weeks back, we got ambitious and planted a shoebox vegetable garden. I had little hope that our garden would yield real results, without deeper soil to transplant into, but that hasn’t stopped Travis from loving the vegetable stalks and leaves that managed to sprout!

We started to forgot what was what, so decided to make these cute garden stakes to label the veggies. If you have a real vegetable garden, make as many as you need to label all your plants!

I encouraged Travis to think about what each veggie really looked like, so he proudly painted up and down with orange for carrots:

Garden Stakes (1)

And with green for zucchini.

Garden Stakes (6)

On the other side of each spoon, I painted a slightly more recognizable version of each veggie. We had no red paint, or I would have added tomatoes as well.

Garden Stakes (3)

Travis very proudly planted the stakes in our small “garden”, which we continue to water. As always, it’s great to teach kids where their food comes from!

Garden Stakes (5)


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