Spin Drum

Spin Drum (8).JPG

This great little craft will have little musicians marching and drumming all over your house. Perfect for a rainy day!

For the body of the drum, we used small papier-mache boxes that I purchased off Amazon, about 4 inches across. Remove the lid, and punch three holes in the box, at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock.

Spin Drum (1)

This step might be tough for little fingers, so add your own muscle power to the hole puncher. We even enlisted daddy’s help after my hand got tired!

Place a dowel in the bottom hole, then string twine through the side holes, looping it around the dowel in the center as you go.

Spin Drum (2)

Glue the dowel in place – I definitely recommend hot glue for this step.

While the glue briefly dried, Travis was in charge of decorating the lid with markers. He said his design was a mandolin! (Kids can decorate the side of the box, too).

Spin Drum (3)

We hot glued on the decorated lid, and then tied wooden beads to the dangling ends of string, securing them with a double knot.

Spin Drum (5)

Make sure your beads and strings are the right length to hit near the center of the box lid, before you tie off the knot. Our first try was too short, but a second drum was just right.

Spin Drum (4)

Now spin and play!

Spin Drum (6)

My impish boy soon decided his drum worked not only as an instrument but as a “spear”, too, which made for lots of imaginative play. Either way, I loved seeing him have fun!

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