Toasty Fall Treats

Toasty Fall (4)

These adorable little toasts, the recipe in our October High Five magazine, make a great snack – simply vary the shape to make them appropriate throughout the entire fall!

For our first toasts, Travis chose pumpkin- and leaf-shaped cookie cutters. Adults: toast 1 slice of bread per each shape.

Toasty Fall (1)

Travis loved helping press the cookie cutters into the bread, and seeing the shapes pop out.

Toasty Fall (2)

Next came spreading them with red-pepper hummus, giving a nice autumnal hue to our snacks.

Toasty Fall (3)

I cut up small strips of red and yellow peppers for him to arrange on the toasts as decoration, including red color for our pumpkin’s stem.

Okay, the leaf veins were care of mama.

Toasty Fall (5)

Closer to Halloween, make a ghost toast! Use a ghost-shaped cookie cutter and spread with non-dairy cream cheese. Add eyes and a mouth from cut black olives.

Toasty Fall (6)

Once we’re into November, consider a turkey version. We spread with red-pepper hummus again, and used bell pepper pieces for tail feathers and a beak.

Toasty Turkey (2)

Happy snacking!

Toasty Turkey (1)


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