Paper Bag City

Paper Bag City (7).JPG

Following our fun with Koala’s city-themed crate, we constructed our own city at home, using nothing but extra paper lunch bags!

First, paint the bags to resemble buildings, with one color on the bottom, and black (or another second color) on top for the roof. This turned out to be more of a puzzle for Travis than I imagined, since he just wanted to paint the bags any which way. Providing a guiding line for him helped…

Paper Bag City (4)

…But the point is never perfection!

Paper Bag City (1)

I let him decorate a few houses to his own taste, and made a few others to add to our city. Let the paint dry completely.

Paper Bag City (2)

If your child wants to paint on features (doors, windows), they can do so. Instead, I added those later with permanent marker.

Paper Bag CIty (8)

To finish your town, fill each bag with about 1 cup dried beans to weight it down. Fold the top edge over and tape into place.

Paper Bag City (5)

You can set the buildings up on a car playmat, or just on the floor. Bonus points for toy vehicles in your city!

Paper Bag City (10)

Since this particular city belonged to a four-year old boy, soon we had villains knocking down the houses… He sure does come up with games I never would imagine!

Paper Bag City (11)

What buildings will be in your town? Please share in the comments!

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