Memory Box

Memory Box (4)

One great project for very early in your newborn’s life is putting together a memory box. This will be an ongoing collection, but it’s never too soon to start!

Before birth (if you can), select a pretty box that you’ll want to fill with mementos – this way you’re not running out to the store with a newborn! Any decorative box would work great; I love using this simple wooden box that was once given to us as a gift.

Memory Box (2)

You’ll have a few items to add the moment you return from the hospital. Think: mommy and baby ID bands; first footprints; any first hats or swaddles; and any other hospital souvenirs.

We also included notes and cards from family and friends!

Memory Box alt.JPG

This is a great project to involve big siblings – they’ll love placing the items in the box!

Memory Box (3)

What do we plan to add down the line?

  • A lock of hair
  • A first baby tooth
  • Baby booties
  • A first favorite toy
  • A first drawing
  • Baptism certificate

What else will go in your box? I’d love to hear in the comments!

Memory Box (1)


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