Birth Recovery

Birth Recovery (4)

My activity today with Veronika was profound on so many levels: relaxing us both after the birth a few days ago; taking a quiet a moment to bond, and providing a moment of physical comfort. I highly recommend making time for this simple exercise; it will be a moment of pure bliss in your day.

Lie on the floor (on a carpet) on your back with knees up, head on a pillow, and your baby on your chest (the baby’s face should be turned to face one side). Admittedly it was difficult to take pictures of us in this position, but I did my best!

Birth Recovery (6)

Inhale, then as you exhale, press the base of your spine and your shoulder blades into the floor, holding for a few seconds. You’ll feel a great release of tension in your back, if you’ve been holding it there since delivery.

Birth Recovery (2)

In between reps, simply lie with your baby and breathe, feeling your stomachs and diaphragms against each other as you both inhale and exhale. I would have stayed this way forever if I didn’t have a preschooler to fetch from school!

How do you relax with your newborn? Ideas like this are so simple, but so vital as a reminder to slow down in the precious first few days of life. Please do share your thoughts in the comments!


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