First Sensations

FIrst Sensation (5).JPG

Your newborn is developing all five senses rapidly in his or her first few weeks out of the womb. It’s easy to focus on the obvious senses like hearing and sight, but don’t forget to include touch along the way! Here are a few simple ways to engage your baby’s sense of touch.

During diaper changes, while the baby is calm, try stroking hands, feet, or tummy with different soft objects. Great items for this purpose include feathers and silk scarves.

FIrst Sensation (3)

Veronika loved the silk against her cheek!

First Sensation (2)

You might also try swatches of other fabric like velvet if you have them.

Another fun one is to roll a small inflatable beach ball over baby’s tummy before you put the new diaper on (take care while doing this move if the umbilical stump hasn’t yet fallen off). Sure to elicit a giggle or two!

FIrst Sensation (1)

Off the diaper table, you can also engage the sense of touch while nursing. Try just stroking along baby’s fingers and toes, or use a soft cotton ball. This move also helps draw awareness to baby’s hands and feet, so he or she can see where the body begins and ends.



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