Begin a Baby Journal

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Today’s prompt from a baby game book was to start journaling about the journey… I confess it felt redundant, as I already journal every night. But in following the recommendation, I thought about other ways to journal and record Veronika’s days, alongside my nightly written entries.

When they are this young, babies are literally changing daily, and it’s these little moments that I try to jot down each night. But words can only jog the memory so much. A visual journal is equally important. Try to capture a picture of your child each day in these early weeks and months, carefully labeled (three days old, five days old, etc.), and you’ll see the changes that take place and add up over time.

5 days

I love storing pictures online, divided by folder into months, so they are easily accessible!

6 days

Video is a fantastic log, too. You’ll never remember quite the pitch of your baby’s coos, or the way their expression quirks into a little smile if you don’t have a video record.

You may also have been filling out a pregnancy journal along the way. Many contain a section at the end about the first few days back at home, so don’t neglect it! You’ll thank your past self when you look back on these precious early memories later on.

Start Journal (2)

What form will your baby journal take? Please share in the comments!

Update: Just a friendly reminder to add to your journal, since it’s been about a month since this post! There is so much to keep track of these days – that Veronika’s eyes are changing from baby blue to a deeper brown, that she loves staring at the apple prints I posted near her diaper table, that she’s beginning to make sounds more like coos than just cries, and that her smiles seem to be true ones of joy. What have you noticed that’s different? Please share in the comments!

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