Eat Well

Stay Hydrated (1)

Mamas, today’s activity with a newborn is for you. Whether you’re nursing and trying to keep up your milk supply, or just keeping up your energy levels in these first few sleepless weeks, it’s crucial to take care of yourself even as you take care of baby. Here are a few of my go-to snacks and meals that can all be eaten (yes!) one-handed.

Hummus and pita, or hummus with raw veggies (think: carrots, broccoli, bell pepper):

Eat Right (2)

Tortilla with Gardein chick’n strips:

Eat Right (4)

Tortilla with Tofurky slices and avocado:

Eat RIght (7)

Bagel with non-dairy cream cheese:

Eat Right (3)

Toast with almond butter:

Eat Right alt.JPG

Bananas and raw almonds:

Eat Right (1)

Apples and vegan cheese slices:

Eat RIght (6)

In addition, make sure to stay hydrated! This was always something I struggled with while nursing Travis, and I’m staying on top of it with Veronika! If you don’t love water, try protein smoothies, or decaf tea. I particularly love Mother’s Milk tea with fenugreek, which will naturally boost your milk supply.

Stay Hydrated (2)

Overall, take care of yourself as you nurse and care for baby. Use heating pads when your milk first comes in to alleviate any pain; use nursing time to relax and bond; and reach out to other nursing moms or access online resources (I love when you feel overwhelmed.


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