Infant Massage

Massage (2)

Massage is a fantastic way to bond with your newborn, and also helps him or her in tangible ways – you’ll stretch out little legs and arms that are used to being curled up, alleviate any dry skin conditions with the oil, and provide warmth and comfort.

This morning, I placed Veronika on a soft blanket on the floor between my legs, wearing only a diaper. Be sure to use an edible vegetable oil, or a specifically formulated baby oil for this purpose.

Massage (1)

Starting at the shoulders, rub down the arms and out to the fingers.

Repeat on the legs, rubbing from the hips down to the toes.

You can also gently massage baby’s belly, and turn her over and rub the back.

Massage (3)

It’s fun to sing, too, to the tune of a familiar nursery rhyme. As I rubbed her feet for example, I sang, “We’re rubbing Veronika’s feet, we’re rubbing Veronika’s feet, hi ho the derio, we’re rubbing Veronika’s feet.”


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