Share the Hugs

Share Hugs (1)

Today’s prompt in my baby activity book was to remember to share hugs, which sounds like a no-brainer, but the book meant not just with your newborn! Babies come into whole families, not just into parent-to-infant twosomes, and today was about all kinds of hugs.

Travis loves to hold little sis Veronika, and although I find myself hesitating – make sure to support her hand! Don’t leave them unattended! – it’s important to grant his request. Today he leaned in for a sibling hug and my heart melted.

Share Hugs (2)

While you’re focusing on hugs for the day, remember to hug your older children, if you have them.

Share Hugs (3)

Hug your partner, or a close family member. Hug a friend. Hugs help the caregiver, as well as the baby getting the care.

And of course, hug your little squishie infant against you close.

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