Stick Out Your Tongues

Stick Tongues (3).jpg

Here’s an adorable way to bond with your little one, as early as when he or she is a few weeks old! Babies are drawn to grown-up faces, and will instinctively copy the expressions you make. (Note: this is the reverse of copying your infant, a game Veronika and I played a few days ago!)

This time, find a quiet moment when you have an alert and quiet newborn’s attention, and stick out your tongue for a few seconds, about 10 to 20 seconds apart. Pretty soon, they should try to copy you!

Veronika definitely was paying attention from the start; I could practically see the little wheels in her brain turning.

Trying out a few expressions. Hmm, not quite right.

Stick Tongues (1)

Getting there, the mouth is open. But where is that tongue?

Stick Tongues (2)

There it is!

Stick Tongues (3)

Big siblings will get a kick out of this game, too, since normally sticking out a tongue is considered rude. Travis couldn’t believe I was encouraging the action, and loved sticking his tongue out at lil sis.

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