Let Baby Get Moving

Get Moving (6).JPG

Guilty as charged – I spend a lot of time either holding Veronika in the crook of my arm, or lying her some place where she is secure – the bassinet, a bouncy seat – and perhaps not quite enough time letting her move freely.

But even the littlest babies need to get moving, since this is how they’ll strengthen those tiny muscles! Today I made it a point to let Veronika get kicking and wiggling.

So they aren’t hindered by slippery fabric, this activity is best done in a warm room in just a diaper (although I added a onesie since the living room was a little cold).

It was great to watch her kick her legs high, and scoot around as much as she could!

Get Moving (5)

She seemed to love the freedom to move. This activity is definitely one we’ll add to her daily agenda, as we settle into longer wake stretches here.



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