Textured Painted Fish


Textured Fish (12)

Travis and I haven’t played with clay in some time, so he was really excited when I pulled out a fresh pack of it this morning. Pretty soon, we came up with great under-the-sea fun, and added texture in two unique ways.

Textured Fish (1)

First, we shaped the clay into little fish. Travis needed some help with this, but sort of got the hang of shaping an oval body and pinching the back to form a tail.

Textured Fish (4)

More so, though, he made his own variations on sea creatures, which was just great to watch; he thought this looked like a perfect seahorse!

Textured Fish (3)

Next we painted the fish, and he loved mixing colors to help them “camouflage.”

Textured Fish (5)

Now for the texture fun. I pulled out a mesh bag, and we placed it on the wet clay. Cover with a rag (to avoid dirty hands!) and press down.

Textured Fish (6)

Now our fish had scales!

Textured Fish (7)

Travis loved it! Some glitter paint was the final shimmery touch for the fish, but Travis wasn’t done yet, so added “coral reefs” (which got lots more glittery glue).

Textured Fish (8)

Finally, our fish needed an ocean to swim in. We painted a piece of poster board blue, and added texture in another fun way – by running a comb over it for ocean waves and currants.

Textured Fish (2)

In sum, this was a great art project, with lots of fun elements, new ways to make texture, and opportunity for creativity.

Textured Fish (10)

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