Playback (4)

I’ve encouraged anyone following along on my baby game journey to record their baby and capture special moments. Today’s homework is not just to capture the audio of your little one, but to let them hear the playback, too!

Veronika is all gurgles and coos these days, and of course any parent would want to capture the moment.

Playback (1)

To encourage some talking, we had quality facetime on her playmat. If you need to get your baby talking, try tickling their little toes!

Playback (2)

As we “chatted”, I set a video recorder going. This will be a sweet memento for me, of course, but now for the real fun part: I let her see the playback!

Playback (5)

She was utterly fascinated by the baby in the video, even though she doesn’t quite yet know she’s watching herself. Babies love watching other babies, and seeing the playback encouraged her to talk up another cooing storm.

Playback (3)

Here’s a quick clip we caught!

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