Grab and Scrunch

Grab Scrunch (6)

Babies at four months old are all about texture, and this game couldn’t be cuter or easier! All you need are some common household items to introduce new sounds and textures in today’s play session.

I pulled out a brown paper lunch bag and a box of wax paper. For each one, I first showed it to Veronika completely smooth and uncrumpled. Let your baby feel the material at this stage, too.

Grab Scrunch (5)

Next, I crumpled each up. Hold the paper or wax paper close to baby’s ear for this; the sound is nearly as neat as the texture!

Grab Scrunch (2)

Finally, I handed her the wadded up ball. She loved passing the papers from hand to hand.

Grab Scrunch (1)

And of course giving it a test with her mouth, which is okay, but supervise since you don’t want a baby mouthing on wax paper for long.

Grab Scrunch (7)

Alternatively, don’t scrunch up the materials; instead, let your baby take them while smooth, and scrunch them up solo.

Grab Scrunch (3)

What other items does your baby love to hold at this stage? Please share in the comments!

Grab Scrunch (8)


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