Many Mobiles

Mobiles (12).JPG

Veronika needed some new mobiles to look at, so I had fun making her a few, very easy and (and very inexpert!) versions this morning. The best thing about these mobiles is that I could craft them at her side while she kicked and played on her playmat.

I like using mobiles during diaper time instead of in the crib; Veronika isn’t lying on her back in her crib other than at night, but she sure loves checking out what’s hanging above the diaper table during changes!

For the following four mobiles, I simply suspended the objects from a baby hanger using colorful string. No points for elegance here – but lots of points for delight!

Mobiles (11)

Here are the four variations I made:

The first was easy as pie; simply tie small stuffed animals onto string and loop onto the hanger.

Mobiles (13)

This one had the added bonus of sound, since a few of our animals squeaked or mooed.

Mobiles (4)

The second was equally easy; I threaded large gold jingle bells onto string, and looped onto the hanger. She absolutely loved running her hands across this one, so I placed it over her playmat later, too.

Mobiles (5)

Just be sure to supervise any play baby does with dangling strings.

Mobiles (6)

For the third, I cut cardboard into various small shapes – circles, triangles etc.

Mobiles (1)

Cover the shapes with aluminum foil. Punch a hole into the cardboard, add string, and loop onto the hanger.

Mobiles (2)

These were so sparkly when sunlight hit them!

Mobiles (3)

The final mobile was the least elegant of all, but also got big smiles. I stapled string to a few empty food boxes with bright colors, and then looped the string onto the hanger.

Mobiles (7)

These were fun for her to bat at and hear them knock against each other.

Mobiles (8)

In sum, there’s lots of visual delights here! We’re going to keep all these versions on rotation and change up what’s hanging from her mobile hook so she never gets bored.

Mobiles (10)




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