Where’s Bear?

Where's Bear (7)

This game is a fantastic way to teach your four-month-old about object permanence, i.e. the idea that something still exists even if he or she can’t see it. We hid bear in layers upon layers, and then had to find him!

First, I showed her a stuffed teddy, saying the word “bear” clearly for her.

Where's Bear (1)

I slipped bear into a brown paper lunch bag, letting her watch, then crumbled it shut. “Where’s bear?” I asked.

Where's Bear (2)

The bag next went into a toy box (any box will work, including a cardboard box from your latest package delivery). The lid went on, and again I asked, “Where’s bear?”

Where's Bear (3)

Finally, I draped a scarf over the box. “Where’s bear?” I asked again.

Where's Bear (4)

I accompanied the words with the sign for “where” in baby sign language – a simple waggle back and forth of the hand with the pointer finger up.

Where's Bear (5)

Now it was time to undo the layers. First off came the scarf…

Where's Bear (12)

Then the box lid…

Where's Bear (6)

She helped pull out the brown bag – what strong hands, Veronika!

Where's Bear (8)

And finally, we opened the bag for the big reveal!

Where's Bear (9)

You can add even more layers if you like, bags within boxes within bags, although don’t go too crazy or you might lose baby’s interest.

We played again with her favorite toy; oh no, she looked almost alarmed when he first disappeared!

Where's Bear (11)

And so relieved to find him.

Where's Bear (10)


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