Can You Move Like Baby?

Move Like Baby (6)

Travis is so excited at the ways Veronika is changing these days, more deliberate with her movements and much more vocal. I dare say I can step back and watch the two of them play now (!), which is mainly him being silly around her and trying to make her laugh. But today, it was Veronika’s turn to be the leader, and Travis’s turn to follow.

I challenged him to move in the same ways she did, and pretty soon we had lots of giggles and attempts to copy her little body.

First, he got under the playmat to bat at a toy next to her.

Move Like Baby (5)

Quality sibling time!

Move Like Baby (1)

We moved Veronika over to a blanket, where she was reaching for her socks and grabbing for her feet. Travis held on to his toes.

Move Like Baby (2)

She also gives lots of little kicks and arm wiggles these days, and it was hilarious to watch Travis imitate these motions.

Move Like Baby (4)

If your baby is rolling, older sibs can copy that, too. Meanwhile, catching the two of them doing tymmy time together was one of their most precious sibling moments yet.

Move Like Baby (3)

In sum, this is a great activity for older siblings or big cousins who are still wondering how they can interact with a new baby. It’s sure to produce lots of giggles in everyone. Thanks to Hands on As We Grow for the idea!


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