Quick Change Baby

All Change (3)

Does it seem like your baby’s mood can change in a nanosecond? You’re not imagining things. Even a relatively mellow baby like Veronika can go from perfectly content to fussy in a moment, and every parent needs to be prepared for these occasions.

After you’ve ruled out the obvious – a hungry baby, a diaper change – sometimes a baby just needs a quick change of pace. Today, I focused on strategies for when these moments strike. Here she is happy one minute…

All Change (1)

…and oh no, cranky the next!

All Change (2)

My first go-to strategy is animal pictures. Veronika loves gazing at animals, so her Ranger Rick Cub magazine is perfect. If I open to one of the pages, she instantly calms.

All Change (5)

Second, find out what toys are your child’s favorite, and have those on hand. A cozy, favorite seat helps too. Today, Veronika got a little overstimulated watching her brother use a tracing toy…

All Change (6)

…but between this swing and her beloved “Joanna Banana,” she was suddenly all smiles.

All Change (7P

Uh oh, here she is getting fussy during tummy time.

All Change (4)

And when she’s really fussy, that’s when I call in the troops (Travis that is!). Big siblings have a knack for getting smiles out of babies when no one else can. A little dance and some soothing music (yes, that’s Mozart’s Symphony #40 you hear) might just do the trick.

In sum, pay attention to your child’s triggers, and be one step ahead. Armed with just a few things that can calm baby fast, you’ll outscam that quick change baby every time.


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