Change of Face

Change of Face (5)

It’s fun to widen your baby’s social circle at around four months old. Whether friends or relatives, be sure to let your little one enjoy sitting in new laps and checking out new faces. You can invite folks over for a luncheon or coffee, or head to their house; either way, now is a great time to devote a day to this change of faces, especially since babies are delighted by facial features around now.

A weekend with relatives was the perfect excuse. Veronika loved checking everybody out!

Change of Face (1)

Encourage people to play favorite games with your little one. She liked hearing familiar words and tunes, but from different voices. One that we love is “Trot, Trot to Boston.”

Trot trot to Boston

Trot trot to Lynn

Be careful of the bridges

That you don’t fall in!

Change of Face (4)

On the last line, give a gentle dip backwards.

Family members can also read favorite books, or recite old classics like Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Change of Face (2)

Either way, your baby will love the face time!

Change of Face (3)


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