Car Picture Game

Car Ride (8).JPG

Veronika had the longest car trip of her life so far this past weekend, and I knew she’d need some extra entertainment. For this easy game, tailor the pictures to your baby’s interests. Good sources are magazines, picture books you don’t mind cutting up, or family photos.

Veronika particularly loves animals, so we went through big brother’s old Ranger Rick Jr. to cut out cute pictures. I also added a few random images, like cars and hearts.

Car Game (1)

Laminate the photos and then trim down to size. (Note: if you don’t have a laminator, a copy shop in town can usually do so for you). Punch a hole in the top of each image.

Car Game (2)

Thread a string through the pictures, and suspend for your child in the car.

Car Game (4)

You can attach them to the brim of a car seat with safety pins, but I didn’t want them dangling that close to Veronika’s face.

Instead, I threaded the string around the headrests of the rear seat, and they dangled exactly where she could see them.

Car Ride (7)

She stayed mostly calm throughout a six hour drive, so hopefully these pictures helped!


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