Diaper-Free Time

Diaper Free (4)

Whether or not your baby has sensitive skin and is prone to diaper rash, giving him or her diaper-free time on occasion is fantastic. It’s good for the skin, and also their gross motor skills! Their little bodies can wiggle and move in new ways when unencumbered with a bulky diaper, so on today (and future days), here’s a little activity to sneak in.

Veronika does indeed have sensitive skin, so this is actually something we started early and often; I try to give her about 15 minutes of diaper-free time each day, and she usually spends the time cooing and giggling.

Diaper Free (5)

Practicality comes first: you’re going to want baby on a surface that can get wet (or poopy). I always put down an old burp cloth on top of her playmat, and this double-layer has caught any accidents along the way.

Diaper Free (1)

Next, I always increase the room temperature by about two degrees while she’s bare below the waist – the last thing you want is a shivering baby!

She immediately starts to kick and play in new ways. Her toes definitely seem to get higher, and she’ll start reaching and rolling for all her toys.

Diaper Free (3)

She’s also a little scooter, scooching clear off the burp cloth (to which I gently return her). Her first rolls were diaper-free, and in general she seems to just love the freedom.

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