Keep Hugging

Keep Hugging (3)

After a busy weekend, Veronika just collapsed against me in a hug and took a nap on my tummy. I cherished the moment; although it’s something I had time for almost every day with her big brother, I can rarely fit in a tummy nap with baby number two!

What I can make time for every day is hugging. So today’s activity is simply a reminder to keep doing so, if you’ve gotten out of the habit since my post all the way back in November.

When you hug your baby, you can say, “I’m giving you a hug,” or “Here’s a kiss.”

Then, put your baby’s arms around you and say, “Now you hug me.” This is such a simple way to teach them about love and affection.

Keep Hugging (2)

Big brother Travis has decided that several times a day should be designated “Hugging Times.” He’ll swoop in for a big hug with his sister, which usually has her giggling.

Keep Hugging (5)

We finished off the day with a cute read of Huggy Kissy by Leslie Patricelli.

Keep Hugging alt.JPG

Does your family have any special hugs? Please share in the comments!

Keep Hugging (6)


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